What’s the difference? Which is better?

According to Hofstede’s 5 deminsions for China and US, I have somethings to analysis.

First is about Power distance. In this area, China has higher score than US, which means Chinese society people are much inequality than American. I agree with this condition because Chinese has larger gap between the rich and the poor than American. But to a certain degree, China is better than US. That is racism( Abagond, 2013).  No matter in the history or the religion, Chinese don’t have racism because we have 56 nations and we are a family.

For Individualism, US have higher score than China. It shows that American prefer to work alone not like Chinese work together. It is hard to estimate which is better, both have good and bad. May be work together will make more efficient.

In Femininity, China and US have almost the same score but China is little higher. China has more people leave their home to work. This also has the better influence than US; Chinese cities were built more quickly in some aspects.

And for Uncertainty avoidance, China has fewer score than US. Means Chinese language has much more ambiguous meanings than English (Didi Kirsten Tatlow, 2012). I totally believe that Chinese language is more beautiful than English because we have rich 5 thousand year history about words. So there are many Chinese words that English cannot be translated to make an artistic conception.

At last, for Long term orientation. China has a very high score. So Chinese like to look ahead at best. I think this way of thinking is better because I would like to think in this way. “Cautious will never be wrong” by Jin Ming which is one of my favorite detective novel roles. It helps you to get a effective result you expect.

Actually, we can’t decide which country’s culture is better because every country has their unique culture which is belongs to own. So this blog just for Pro. Hofstede’s article.

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